Simple tips to avoid missing a flight

No one wants to miss a flight. But people do miss them and things can end up badly. We have compiled few simple tips to help you avoid getting into such unpleasant situations. 

Re-confirm all your bookings 72hrs before departure. Simple meaning is to check that flight is on time and there are no changes.

Take care of immigration stuff

Ensure that your VISA documents (if required) are valid. Check all the details on the VISA document and ensure there are no discrepancies between VISA and Passport.

Prepare for the travel in advance

Early preparation helps. Pack your baggages few days early to avoid any last minute rush or missing an important item. Adhere to the rules and restrictions of your destination country and avoid carrying any items which can cause unnecessary trouble at the destination customs. Keep your baggages well-packed and within weight limits as per your ticket allowance. Making a list before packing and ticking each item one by one as you pack is a great idea to avoid nasty surprises and last minute expenses in the destination country.

Reach airport well in time

Reach airport at least 3 hours in advance for international and 2 hours for domestic flights. This is to ensure that you have sufficient time if there are long queues during check-in and/or security/border control.

Keep time at the airport

Yes, people have missed their flights after reaching airport well in time and clearing security. Just because you have a great restaurant before the gates, that does not mean you may have unlimited time for extended meal or drinks. Keep an eye on the clock and departure boards to know where your gate is and how much time it will take to walk up to the gate. Some airport boarding gates can take as much as 15-20 minutes to reach and some may also require you to take special transport such as train or bus. So be in the know even after clearing security and keep time to reach your gate.

Now a days, some airports have been declared silent/quiet airports where no announcements will be made if you haven’t reached your gate on time.

Follow instructions

Yes, you have read it right. People often miss the flight because they do not follow the instructions by airport staff. Gates can change. Route to the gates can change. Be vigilant, pay attention to the instructions and important announcements and never ignore sign-boards and departure boards.

Know your body

Early morning flights are most difficult ones. Specially those where check-in times are around mid-night and early AM take offs. Take rest before such flights and keep your body awake. Many people have over-slept at the airport and missed their flight just because they were too tired before their flights.

Ask for help

Yes, there will be times when you don’t know what to do. Contact the airport staff and ask for help politely. Remember, they are also doing their duties so avoid getting into arguments and unnecessary conversations. Politely ask for help and they will give you the right advice to help you out. Even if you are running late, sometimes, by asking help, you can be given assistance to speed things up during check-in, security and route to the departure gate.

On behalf of Best Choice Travels, we wish all passengers a warm and pleasant journey.

Rahul Gholap
Best Choice Travels Ltd.